Your contact to Russians in Cyprus and abroad


Your contact to Russians in Cyprus and abroad

Vestnik Kipra is a 60 page weekly political and economic newspaper with professional editors and journalists writing about local and international topics in Russian language.
It is your gateway to the Russian-speaking community of Cyprus (about 50,000 people) and Russian tourists and visitors (more than 450,000 per year).

You may send us your press-releases, articles, interviews, advertisements to be published in Russian. Our classified section contains more than 1000 classifieds weekly: that’s why many people buy VESTNIK KIPRA regularly. Everyone can find any service or product he/she looks for.

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Size Size (mm) Inside pages TV Guide (colour) Cover pages (colour)
Black&white Colour (glossy) First page Last page First page Last page
Full page 255x380 550* 750 n/a 850 n/a 990
1/2 page 255x190 280 380(420**) 500 430 n/a 550
1/4 page 125x202 155 240(265**) 380 310 520 390
1/8 page 125x95 90 140 230 180 390 n/a
1col per 1inch 38x25 10 16 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Classified section
38x25 €10 81 x 50 €40
38 x 50 €20 124 x 50 €60
81 x 25 €20 81 x 100 €80

*all prices are in euro per week (1 advert) ** glossy pages (high quality printing)

Free Advert

You may advertise in VESTNIK KIPRA newspaper.
Please note that your advert will be published free of charge in following sections:
1. Property for rent
Houses, flats, offices in all towns of Cyprus.
2. Cars for sale
3. Lonely hearts
Marriage, friendship announcements
4. Miscellaneous
Private belongings: TV sets, washing machines, beds, bikes, clothes, etc.
5. Pets
Please send the text of your advertisement (30-35 words+tel.number or e-mail) till Tuesday 12.00. In this case it will appear in the nearest issue – Friday the same week. The adverts received later will be published next Friday.
Please send your free advert here.

Your glossy advert


A lot of people wish to know more on Cyprus-Russian business relations. We have a lot of information on investment opportunities, articles on investment funds, schemes and statistical data on Cyprus and Russia. There is a list of upcoming events with a detailed program of the events where SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS or VESTNIK KIPRA act as Media Partners.

Cyprus Shopping Guide Cyprus Shopping Guide

VESTNIK KIPRA publish a number of glossy magazines. The most popular is MAGAZINI KIPRA (Cyprus Shopping Guide).Interesting articles on Cyprus shopping secrets (written by our specialist and journalists), special offers and professional opinion and advice, shopping maps of major towns with the offices and shops of our clients – this helps foreigners to find our advertisers.

Cyprus Property Guide Cyprus Property Guide

This magazine (HOUSES AND PEOPLE) contains a lot of useful information on Cyprus property: laws and regulations, articles on legal and financial matters, interview with governmental structures leaders, lawyers, property specialists. Published twice a year in May and in October.


Special Offer August 2014

This is a special offer for those companies that have not advertised in our media this year. You may use an opportunity to promote your business to 50,000 Russians who live in Cyprus permanently!
What you can choose from?
•Simple classifieds (25 words) in weekly local newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA – from 8,50 euro per week.
•Advertising in this
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11 April – Reception in the Embassy of Russia 11 April – Reception in the Embassy of Russia

On 11th of April 2013 SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine will be celebrating the 2nd year of its publication at the Russian Embassy in Cyprus. The event will be in honor of the successful circulation and distribution of the magazine in Cyprus. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS was introduced to the Cypriot-Russian Business market with
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VII Cyprus-Russian Festival – better and more interesting! VII Cyprus-Russian Festival – better and more interesting!

On June 9, 2012 in Limassol there was the VII Cypriot-Russian festival, organized by the newspaper “Vestnik Kipra”, with the support of the Russian Embassy and the Municipality of Limassol. Each year the festival’s organizers try to surpass themselves. This year there was an interesting program, many activities which took place during the festival for the first time.

High Heels Race High Heels Race

Ladies! Do you like shoes with high heels? Do you enjoy wearing such shoes while dancing? Do you like to catch eyes of admirers? Be ready! The 1st Cyprus High-Heels Race will take place on 9th of June 2012. This enjoyable and spectacular competition will be organized in Limassol, in the frameworks of the Cyprus-Russian
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Russian New Year Party Russian New Year Party

Every year Russian weekly newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA organises a party for its friends and readers. You may join us and promote your products and services to Russians in Cyprus. At the same time, we are sure you’ll have a lot of fun celebrating together with us! And of course, you’ll make many new Russian friends!

Special Presidential Issue Special Presidential Issue

The visit of the President Yanukovitch to Cyprus is unique. It is the first ever visit of a Ukrainian leader to Cyprus. We’ll be glad if your company will be part of this event and we are ready to write about you in the special issue of the newspaper (no adverts are will be published
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