Special Presidential Issue

Aug 22nd, 2011 | By admin | Category: News
The visit of the President Yanukovitch to Cyprus is unique. It is the first ever visit of a Ukrainian leader to Cyprus. We’ll be glad if your company will be part of this event and we are ready to write about you in the special issue of the newspaper (no adverts are will be published in the official issue)

Project: special official issue for the Presidential visit

Paper, n.of pages: art gloss, 130 gsm, 16 pages

Circulation: 500 copies

Dead-line for booking: 1st of October

Dead-line for payments: 15 days before the visit

Date of publishing: 3 days before the visit

Distribution: during the visit, after the visit in Ukraine (Ministry of Foreign affairs, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Embassy of Cyprus in Ukraine, etc) and Cyprus (CCCI, Embassy of Ukraine in Cyprus, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Tourism, etc)

Option 1 – information

At the article – review on Cyprus-Ukrainian business relationship – the name of your company will be mentioned with 2 sentences describing your business. In another article related to your field of activity a paragraph (7-15 lines) about your company will be included. At the end of the newspaper the contact details list will be published where there will be: the name of your company, field of activities, the name of the director, the phone and fax numbers, e-mail and website address.

The cost – 300 euro+VAT

Option 2 – editorial

Everything mentioned above. Additionally: editorial (article, interview) of ¼ of a page will be written by our journalists in a way of non-commercial style. It is not going to be an advertising article but high standard informational editorial review. The same text will be later (free of charge) published in Russian weekly newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA for wider audience.

The cost – 700 euro.

Option 3 – partnership

Everything mentioned above. But the article is bigger (½ of a page) to be published twice (Presidential and weekly issues). Additionally half page advert or article (you save 380 euro) will be published in regular weekly issue of VESTNIK KIPRA in any week of September-November or January-March. The most important: on the front cover page of the Presidential issue it will be written: the newspaper is issued with the support of… (the name of your company).

The cost – 1100 euro.

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