Russian New Year Party

Aug 23rd, 2011 | By admin | Category: News

For 2011 the Party is being organised on 29 of December at 19.30 in Monte Caputo, Limassol. The Party will be organised in cooperation with the Cyprus-Russian Business Association. That’s why we expect more guests: Russians and Cypriots.

Who are our guests?

  • 40-50 of them are diplomats and Russian officials.
  • 65-70 directors and high rank executives of Russian-owned companies in Cyprus.
  • 35-40 Russian owners of local businesses.
  • 50-70 active members of the Association of the Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus.
  • 70-100 Cypriots working with Russia, Ukraine and Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus.
  • …and at least 200 more people. They are from different social and business circles, coming together to have a great time celebrating the New Year in Russian style…together with Russians!

Sponsorship options

Supporter – 400 euro

  • Logo on all flyers (2000), posters (180), banners (4), adverts (8), other outdoor and advertising production.
  • Name mentioned on stage several times.
  • Flyers on a special table at the entrance.
  • 2 free VIP tickets.

Sponsor – 800 euro

  • Everything a supporter has plus…
  • Logo on the screens (left and right from the stage, at least 50 times, 5 sec each).
  • Invitation to come on stage at the end of the program: so everybody can see who helped them to have fun.
  • A possibility to insert advertising gifts (pens, calendars, lighters, etc) into a present given to every guest.
  • 4 free VIP tickets, 10% discount on buying extra tickets (regular), 30% discount for VIP tickets.

Title sponsor – 3000 euro

  • Everything a supporter and sponsor have plus…
  • An opportunity to place sponsor’s promo products at the entrance (banners, brochures, flyers, exhibitions, promo offers, etc).
  • 1 free advert (1/4 page, color) in Russian newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA.
  • 1 free banner at (1 month).
  • Name mentioned in radio spots (Russian Wave, Choice FM, Hit FM, etc).
  • Logo on the banners at the entrance.
  • Logo at the screens (at least 100 times).
  • Logo online (webpages devoted to the event).
  • Name mentioned in the news and articles devoted to the event.
  • The manager will be invited to the stage to toast and congratulate guests.
  • Video interview of the sponsor at
  • 4 VIP tickets, 8 regular tickets, opportunity to buy unlimited amount of extra tickets with 30% discount.

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